Acceptable Computer Use

Access to Hallett Cove School’s computing network, the internet and associated resources is available under strict conditions for educational purposes only. Conditions of use must be adhered to without exception. Any breach of the conditions outlined below can result in the removal of access rights. Individual user accounts on the school network are a privilege not a right.

General Conditions

  • Users must not attempt to gain unauthorised access to the system.
  • Users must maintain the secrecy of their password.
  • Users are responsible for what occurs on a computer while it is logged on in their name.
  • Users must not use another user’s computer account.
  • Users must not attempt to gain access to other user’s data.
  • Users must not wilfully damage, move or otherwise interfere with any hardware or software.
  • Users must not attempt to disrupt the system/network or to alter the configuration of individual machines.
  • Uses must not plagiarise (to take the ideas and writings of others and present them as their own) any works accessed using the computer system
  • Uses must purchase additional credits once initial allocations of printing and internet access are exhausted. Failure to do so is NOT a valid reason for non-completion of work.
  • Users must store only school-related work in their Home Directory and delete any files no longer needed in order to remain within storage limits. These directories will be purged at the end of each year.
  • All activity on the network is subject to logging against User Name.
    This includes
    • Internet sites visited;
    • E-mail sent and received;
    • Access to files (i.e. records will be kept and checked).
  • Users must not use obscene, vulgar, rude, inflammatory or disrespectful language or undertake any form of harassment via the school’s systems.
  • Users must not use the system to access material which is profane, offensive or obscene and any material received that is inappropriate or makes them feel uncomfortable must be reported.
  • Users are not to download software without the express permission of the IT or RC staff.
  • Electronic storage space provided to students is for the storage of school related files only.
  • Users are not to place any illegal material onto the school network. Examples include illegal mp3s and games.
  • Users are not to intentionally introduce malicious files to any computing resources or act maliciously on the school computing network.

Tips For Effective Use

  • Change your password regularly and do not share with anyone. Passwords should not be easy to guess – avoid the obvious.
  • Files on the network are backed up, but you should take steps to provide your own protection such as using USB drives or email to take/send copies home.
  • Some file types such as images can take up large amounts of storage space – use them wisely and delete when no longer needed.
  • Printing in colour costs more than in black and white – check your print settings prior to printing.