Stage 2 (Year 12)

Stage 2

Year 12 at Hallett Cove School allows students to enjoy success as they complete their South Australian Certificate of Education. Having already completed each of the compulsory components of the SACE, students enrol in four subjects of their choosing, with an additional fifth subject providing greater opportunity for students wishing to pursue high university entrance scores.

Throughout the year, our students are supported holistically by a Homegroup teacher and a dedicated year level leader. These people, along with our Student Wellbeing Team, other Senior School leaders and our Senior School Secretary provide support for each of our students to further enhance their experience.

Our Pastoral Care programme provides students with guidance and support as they travel through Year 12. Students are provided with opportunities to explore career pathways, hear from a range of employers and further tertiary providers to allow them to make informed and effective choices in relation to their future aspirations.

Our students will not have a traditional full-time load at school like they do in earlier year levels, and students will therefore have independent study lessons at various times throughout the week. As independent learners, there is a Year 12 Study Room accessible for our students to engage in their studies when they have no formal classes running.

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