Curriculum Support

Students across Hallett Cove who require an adjusted curriculum are catered for through a range of programmes. Students with a verified disability receive additional funded support through DECD. Students are verified as having a disability under the DECD categories of Speech (SS), Speech and Language (SL), Physical (P), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Vision (V), Hearing (H), Intellectual (I) and Global Developmental Delay (GDD). Parents, staff and students are involved in the development of a Negotiated Education Plan for those students who are verified by DECD with a specific disability.

The additional funding allows the implementation of intervention programs. These programs include:

  • Mini- lit (Meeting initial needs in literacy)
  • Multi-lit
  • Speech and language program
  • Life Skills program
  • Social skills groups

Support for students may happen in the whole class setting or in programmes that students access outside the classroom. Each support programme will meet individual needs. Support is provided by the Special Programs team of School Services Officers.

The Special Programs team is committed to ensure students with disabilities gain the necessary skills, knowledge and attributes to achieve to the highest level of learning and participate successfully in our community.

The team focusses on:

  • strengths and interests
  • effective teaching strategies
  • specific and achievable learning goals
  • decreasing barriers to learning

The focus at Hallett Cove R-12 is to provide appropriate curriculum and to ensure an effective delivery of services and support to students with disabilities, individually, in small groups or in the class.