International Programs

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Hallett Cove School has a long history of successfully hosting International students, school leaders and teachers. Our 2020 students have come from Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. In the past, the school has also hosted students from New Zealand, Columbia, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain. Hallett Cove School has also hosted teachers and leaders from China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and West Java.

Hallett Cove is a Reception to Year12 School and operates at three levels of schooling (Junior/Middle/Senior). The Junior School covers years Reception to Year 6 (ages 5 to 11/12 western age). The Middle School covers Years 7 to 9 (ages 12 to 14/15 western age) and the Senior School covers Years 10 to 12 (ages 15 to 18 western age). All levels of schooling are located on the same campus which suits families with children at different ages.

Hallett Cove School offers six programs that cater for Primary/High school International students, leaders and teachers. These programs aim to give the participants opportunities to improve English speaking skills, achieve future ambitions and experience living and studying in an English speaking school in South Australia. Look at our programs and then click the blue link below to "enrol at Hallett Cove School".

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Also the school will supply your internet device

  • you can not access our network with your own laptop/device
  • go to the link below to find out more
  • download the forms & information
  • bring the signed forms to school on your first day and give to Belinda

1. High School Graduate Program

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If you are 13 years (western age) of age or older and want to study for longer than one year, then the High School Graduate Program is for you! Experience living and studying alongside Australian Hallett Cove school students, pursue your individual academic interests and ambitions, gain a world class education and graduate from Hallett Cove school with new skills, confidence and friends. We offer intensive English support, as well as an after school English Club to help improve your English language proficiency. Both of these programs which focus on English improvement are supplied at no additonal cost. All students will be supplied with a Chromebook (at no extra cost) so that Google classrooms can be used in class and at home. 

Click here to view more information about the High School Graduate Program

2. High School Study Abroad Program

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Allows you to study for 1, 2, 3 or a maximum of 4 terms (one year) at Hallett Cove School. Must be 13 -18 years old. If you are younger you need to be with your parent/s or a nominated relative to attend Hallett Cove School. You may have the opportunity to try a new subject of interest, enrol in special interest programs (Volleyball, Soccer, Music, Marine Biology, Outdoor Education, STEM etc) and participate in exciting school-based activities such as Creative Arts productions, music bands, weekly sports and other activities. Study abroad students can also enrol in Monday morning surfing lessons in Term 1 (Feb/March/April) & Term 4 (Nov/Dec). There is a lesson cost to the student (which includes all the equipment) and the school provides the transport to and from the local surf beaches. You can commence your studies at the beginning of any school term or join the mid-term intake. You will be living and studying alongside other Australian Hallett Cove students and all students in this program will be supplied with a Chromebook to support the use of Google classrooms both at school and at home. You can also enrol at our school for less than 10 weeks if you want to sample Australian cultural and Hallett Cove School life. 

Click here to view more information about the High School Study Abroad Program

3. Primary School Program

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If you are between 5 and 12 years of age and want to study longer than one year at an Australian school, then this program is for you. Enrolments start at any point from Reception to Year 7. You will learn English, participate in the Australian Curriculum as well as other optional educational activities like Aquatics, whole school Arts performances, Soccer and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) lessons. All Primary students will have access to a device (no additional cost) so that Google classroom and the Internet can be accessed.

Click here to view more information about the Primary School Program

4. Primary School Study Abroad Program

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If you are aged between 5 and 12 (western age) and want to study for up to four terms, then this program provides a sample of Australian schooling and Aussie experiences. This is an opportunity to attend a school close to the beach, mix with students of all ages and try the Australian curriculum. There are optional activities like school Arts productions, STEM lessons, after school English club and Aquatics (snorkelling, canoeing, surfing etc.) All Primary school students will be supplied with a device (no extra cost) to allow access to Google Classroom and the Internet. 

Click here to view more information about the Primary School Study Abroad Program

5. Student Group Study Tour

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Are designed for groups of students and accompanying teachers wishing to improve English language skills, as well as experience Aussie lifestyle and the contrasting landscapes of South Australia. Study tours are short term programs and generally range from 1-6 weeks and are individualised to suit the needs of the group. (Study Tours with  large number of students can be hosted across a number of South Australian government schools). To participate in a study tour, students must be 10 years of age or older. Study tours can include:

  • English/ESL lessons
  • Aussie School lessons - English, Maths, Science, Humanities, Arts, Technology, Health & Physical Education and Languages 
  • Special interest lessons e.g. Aboriginal Art, Australian sport, Australian cooking, Australian History & Geography, Aboriginal History, STEM, Aquatics, Marine Biology etc.
  • Home stay accommodation - students stay with local Hallett Cove school families
  • Excursions within South Australia e.g. State Museum, Central Market, Wildlife Park, Victor Harbour, Hahndorf, city Mall etc

For a quote on the cost of this Program contact International Education Service (see link below)

Click here to find out about Study Tours

6. Work Shadowing for Teachers

A study tour for school leaders and teachers at Hallett Cove is designed for groups or individual teachers wishing to experience an Australian school which has both Primary and High School students on one campus. Recently the school has hosted teachers from Japan, Thailand, West Java, South Korea and China.

Teachers and leaders will:

  • complete an Induction which includes a school tour and exploring the school vision and values etc
  • meet members of the leadership team including the Principal, Mary Asikas, and explore their roles
  • learn about the school's systems - assessment & reporting, finances, professional development, committees etc.
  • learn about how the school uses data as part of continuous improvement
  • learn about the Australian national curriculum and supporting digital resources
  • learn about the Year 11 and 12 SACE Curriculum & other pathways students take to achiever Year 12 e.g. VET pathways
  • learn about how Google classrooms supports improvement
  • experience different year level classrooms of the visiting teacher's subject areas
  • see many specialist facilities and classes e.g. STEM facilities, Volleyball, Marine Biology lab, photography etc
  • all teachers will get an individualised timetable to suit their curriculum needs and interests.
  • the school does NOT provide wifi at this point in time

Highlighted events within a school year for

International students, leaders and teachers

The school year always starts with a half day induction for all new students & teachers

Half day induction

Surfing lessons run in Terms 1 & 4

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If you like Soccer then try out for the school team!
Banner Soccer

At the start of term 1 we also host teacher study tours

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Sports Day is always at the end of March - make sure you know your team colour!

Sports Day Banner

In term 1 the student study tours commence

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In the April school holidays students might want to take a trip with their homestay families to experience Australia
Banner Term 1 holidays
Term 2 is always busy and we usually go on an excursion to learn about Adelaide, South Australia & Australia
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In June we host students from Vietnam & China
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Students who like the Arts (music/drama/dance) can take part in the July 'whole-school Arts production' - see Ms. Hardy to reserve your spot!
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Term 2 holidays (June/July) are just around the corner & students can take organised trips across Australia with approved tour providers
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In August (Term 3) we have Book Week which is a chance for all students & teachers to dress up in their favourite book character!
Book Week 19
In August the annual ski trip to the Aussie ski fields occurs - book with Belinda
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After the Snow trip why not go to the Royal Adelaide Show?
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During late September the term 3 school holidays occur - make sure you let Belinda know the dates of your travel & where you are going!
Banner Belinda T3 hols
In December we send student teams to compete in the annual AUSTRALIAN VOLLEYBALL SCHOOLS CUP - in 2019 it was held on the Gold Coast (Queensland)
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