Out of School Hours Care


Welcome to the Hallett Cove Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) program. Our service offers a reliable, affordable and consistent service to the parents and children of Hallett Cove School and the surrounding community. OSHC is a safe and comfortable environment where your child can enjoy a range of activities, sports and games provided by experienced and caring staff. We are licensed for 80 children and accept children for 4 to 13.


  • Before School Care (BSC)
  • After School Care (ASC)
  • Vacation Care (VAC)


  • ADDRESS: 2-32 Gledsdale Road, Hallett Cove SA 5158 Hallett Cove OSHC is located on the grounds of Hallett Cove School R-12. It is situated in a transportable building on Gledsdale Road.
  • PHONE: 8381 3761 (An answering machine is available to take messages after hours).
  • FAX: 8381 6713
  • MOBILE: 0401 719 591
  • EMAIL: oshc@hcs.sa.edu.au


Before School Care Sessions

8.00 am - 8.30 am Short Session $ 11.00 per child
6.30 am - 8.30 am Full Session $16.00 per child

After School Care Sessions

3.00 pm – 6.15 pm FullSession $21.00 per child

School Closure and Pupil Free Days

6.30 am - 6.15 pm Full Day $50.00 per child

Vacation Care Sessions

6.30 am - 6.15 pm Full Day $57.00 per child

Early Dismissal Sessions

2.15 pm - 6.15 pm Full Session $23.00 per child
12.30 pm – 6.15pm Full Session $25.00 per child


The cost of care in OSHC & vacation care varies according to each families Child Care Benefit (CCB) percentage, which is based on income. Families can also claim back some of their out of pocket expenses through the Child Care Rebate (CCR) scheme. Contact the Department of Human Services (DHS) on 13 61 50 for further information.


We have a specially designed OSHC room located in one of the transports on Gledsdale Road, near the soccer oval. In addition to our oshc room, we also utilise other areas of the school to ensure students have a rich, varied & enjoyable experiences.

OSHC Holiday Program

Mission Statement & Philosophy

Our Mission is to promote learning and development with emphasis on play, social interactions, recreation and the development of leadership and life skills.

Our aims are:

  • to provide a stimulating & enriching program
  • to ensure children and staff can enjoy a range of engaging experiences
  • to allow children to thrive in an environment where staff are happy
  • to acknowledge the different developmental stages of school aged children
  • to encourage the individuality of the children and their relationships, recognising diverse backgrounds regardless of age, gender, race, religion or abilities
  • to promote student initiated activities, play and ideas

Our objectives are:

  • safe, homely and welcoming environment
  • high quality care
  • values, respect and encouragement
  • children’s voices being heard and valued
  • working well as a team
  • same expectations and consequences
  • in-line with the ‘My Time Our Place’ Framework (MTOP)
  • continual revision of our service policies and procedures


Bookings and Consent forms must be completed and returned to the OSHC program prior to Vacation Care commencement. A $10 per child, per day deposit is also required with your booking form and this will come of your vacation care bill. Vacation Care Programmes are distributed in Week 7 each term for the up-coming holiday break. (These sessions are very popular and book out quickly)

On excursion days, children must arrive no later than the time written on the program for excursions. Each day a packed lunch, recess and drink bottle must be sent with each child. Ratios for excursion days are decided based on risk assessments and are approved by the OSHC Advisory Committee.

To ensure your child gets the most out of each day, please ensure that they were appropriate clothing, including protective items like raincoats. NO THONGS OR SINGLET TOPS.


The children of parents who are working or studying will be given priority when enrolling. When this priority group has been served, other needs such as respite, recreation, socialisation etc will be met.


The custodial parent, guardian or authorised person who brings the child to the service and who collects the child from the service must record and initial the times of arrival and departure.

No child will be allowed to leave with anyone other than persons authorised to collect the child as stated on the enrolment form. In special circumstances provision can be made verbally or in writing to the Director. Remember to list all authorised persons who can collect the child on the enrolment form.

Children will only be able to attend sporting or other commitments that mean they must leave the program, if the appropriate form has been filled out by the parent/guardian prior to the time of the commitment.


Children must be picked up on or before 6.15pm. A late fee of $1.00 per minute will be incurred for any time of care after 6.15pm. If a child/ren are still at the Centre at closing time the following procedure will take place:

  1. After closing time the Staff member on duty will attempt to contact parents/guardians/emergency contacts as listed on the enrolment form.
  2. Staff will continually attempt to contact parent/guardians/emergency contacts until 6.45pm.
  3. If no contact is able to be made 30 minutes after closing time the staff will proceed to contact the Head of Junior School and the Police and the child/ren will be handed over to their care.


Please cancel any sessions where your child/ren are booked in but will not be attending. We can provide better quality care for the children who are present if we do not have to spend time calling to find out why your child/ren have not arrived.

  • A BSC session not cancelled by 6.15pm the previous day will be charged as normal session.
  • An ASC session not cancelled by 8:45am on the same day will be charged as a normal session.
  • For VAC sessions and School Closure Days 48 hours’ notice must be given or the session will be charged in full.

We have child/staff ratios to uphold and if a session is not cancelled in time, staff will be allocated and will need to be paid.


If your account is overdue we will follow our late fee collection policy and your child/children may no longer be eligible to be booked in for care. Please note fees that are overdue by 21 days or more will incur a $5-00 charge per week until account is up to date.

If you have difficulty paying your fees, please do not hesitate to contact the Director, as she may be able to help.


OSHC and Vacation Care services are an activity of the Hallett Cove School Governing Council and administered by a Management sub-committee. Parents/caregivers are encouraged to join these committees to provide invaluable input and management. We have an Advisory Committee Meeting at 6:30pm on Mondays off Weeks 3 and 7 of each term. Everybody is welcome. For further information on our Advisory Committee contact the Director.


Our service provides breakfast, afternoon tea and on special Vacation Care days, lunch. Food provided at our service is nutritious and varied. A variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables are served. Snack times and activities involving food preparation provide positive learning experiences for children, who are encouraged to develop healthy eating habits. The menu is displayed on the notice board in the foyer. Please discuss your child/ren’s dietary needs with us. Water is readily available at all times for children.


Parents are requested to raise any concerns they may have regarding their child/ren’s care with the staff member concerned. This should be followed up by speaking to the Director if the concern has not been resolved. The Director will be pleased to discuss any aspect of your child/ren’s care. If you have any concerns or complaints please do not hesitate to consult with the Director so appropriate action can be taken. All concerns will be dealt with in a confidential and professional manner. If the issue still is not resolved, the Director may offer to take the matter to the Advisory Committee for guidance or the parent may write directly to the Advisory Committee to explain the issue.


  • Enrolment & Medical Form
  • Parent Handbook
  • Vac Care Enrolment & Consent Form