Senior School

Senior School Students

Senior School Overview

Senior School at Hallett Cove Encompasses Years 10 through 12

Senior Schooling at Hallett Cove School is built upon the successful foundations in the Middle Years. Our Senior Schooling approach is committed to providing all students in Years 10-12 with engaging, contemporary and flexible learning opportunities that will allow each young person to achieve their personal, academic and career goals. The Senior School is dedicated to ensuring that our curriculum, classroom practice, support structures and polices acknowledge and reflect the skills, knowledge and capabilities required by our young people to successfully and confidently navigate their way through the complex and competing demands of our global community in the 21st Century. The Senior School curriculum is aligned to the SACE for students in Years 11 and 12 and the Australian curriculum for students in Year 10.
Hallett Cove School has a team of staff dedicated to supporting Senior School students.
Deputy Principal: Tony Hall has overall leadership of the Senior School

Assistant Principals
Year 10 and International Education  Ms Di Schriever
Year 11 and STEM Education Mr Bob Buxton
Year 12 and SACE Ms Michelle Phillips
VET Mr Chris Gregory
Student Counsellor Ms Gill Panton

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