Site Improvement Plan

Aim of the HCS SIP:

To create a 21st Century learning environment in which teachers and students achieve to high levels.


Hallett Cove School exists to:

  • Develop a culture of aspirant learners who strive to do their best to achieve their personal learning goals.
  • Demonstrate intentional, responsive and effective learning design that engages and extends all learners.
  • Build a innovative and engaging learning environment R-12.
  • To have a united and consistent approach towards curriculum development R-12.
  • Ensure Educational leadership is shared.
  • Develop and follow agreed directions – common purpose, priorities and directions.
  • Strategically alignment of school resources.
  • Engage in successful Partnerships through respectful dialogue with parents and wider community.

We will achieve this by:

  • High expectations for all learners
  • Intentional Design – including explicit teaching and scaffolding
  • Targeted and tailored learning – supportive and informed by AC and SACE
  • Quality learning environment – safe, engaging and challenging learning environment
  • Collaborative culture – supports staff to share, develop and review curriculum, pedagogy, etc
  • Consistency and coherence– agreed R-12 approaches are documented and consistently implemented
  • Continuous improvement – effective processes exist
  • Challenging and engaging learners – purposeful and innovative learning
  • Systematic monitoring – inform teaching, evaluate and refine programs and practice
  • Intervention and Support – all learners can progress towards or exceed agreed standards
  • Improved outcomes – whole school and individual