STEM Education

STEM Education refers to the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The knowledge and skills developed through studying STEM subjects have an increasing importance in our daily lives and in the future jobs market. There is also an increased focus on studying these not as separate subjects but in an interdisciplinary way, which prepares students for the real life workplace.

A key aspect of STEM education is innovation and we encourage students to develop this by asking questions, developing their curiosity and by finding multiple ways to solve problems.

Due to the importance of STEM related skills to our future society and workforce there is a National STEM Education Strategy 2016-2016. The Department for Education and Child development in South Australia has also developed a STEM Learning Strategy to facilitate improved STEM Education across their schools and part of this is the STEM Works building program.

STEM Works is an investment to improve facilities in 139 schools in South Australia. As part of this program Hallett Cove School are the recipients of $3.5 million dollars which will provide exciting new and refurbished learning areas. The new spaces will encourage flexible, collaborative learning and will have a strong focus on increased technology to support STEM learning.

Science Week at Hallett Cove

Upcycling, robotics and simple engineering. #ScienceWeek was in full swing in Hallett Cove this week.

Posted by Department for Education & Child Development, South Australia on Friday, 18 August 2017
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