STEM Ambassadors

As part of the National STEM School Education Strategy 2016-2026 and the DECD STEM Learning Strategy up to 120 students across South Australia have been invited to participate in the STEM Student Ambassador Program. The first major event for this was a camp in the second week of the July school holidays which student ambassadors attended. Hallett Cove School are very lucky to have four students who were selected to be STEM Ambassadors and took part in the camp. These students are all in year 7: Georgia Franko, Jordan Awatere, Evarn Mamosy and Sabastian Skvridlo.


Whilst on camp the students took part in a range of activities focused on STEM, including visits to the museum. Sabastian was interviewed and featured in an ABC article (link below).

Australia's first STEM Holiday Camp

Brenton Willson, Leadership Development Officer at DECD oversees the STEM Student Ambassador Program and has reflected on the success of the camp-

“As the first camp of this kind I was thrilled with the program, the variety it offered our students and the opportunities and career pathways it presented for our students. We were able to visit some amazing places that really engaged our students and got them thinking about their future in STEM. It has given us a real launching pad to continually refine and develop this for next year’s cohort of Ambassadors. You should be very proud of the students you selected. All brought something special to the camp, some battled with being away from home but each stuck at it and showed great grit and resilience to get though the week. Some great friendships were made and I saw many amazingly bright and articulate students. I am really looking forward to the next phase where they will get to demonstrate their leadership skills and recruit more kids into this space.”

Throughout the next 18 months the STEM Ambassadors will take part in a variety of activities and forums to inform the STEM Learning Strategy and facilitate student voice in STEM across South Australia.

Congratulations to our STEM Ambassadors, we look forward to hearing more as the project progresses.