To support the increasing focus on STEM Education and in order to provide our students with as many opportunities to develop their skills in these areas as possible, we have engaged our whole staff in Professional Development and Learning Design centred on Problem Based Learning (PBL).

Key aspects of this are:

  • A STEM Committee which is comprised of approximately 25 staff R-12
  • 11 staff attended the ACER STEM Conference in 2016
  • 2 whole school Pupil Free Days focused on STEM (2016)
  • Individual staff have engaged in a range of Professional Development in STEM including, coding, robotics and Problem Based Learning (PBL)
  • Junior School Robotics Program 2017
  • Year 9-10 STEM class Semester 1 2017
  • Whole staff Professional Learning in Problem Based Learning (PBL) during 2017
  • Planning and preparation for the Inaugural HCS STEM Week

Our STEM Vision

Through the work of the STEM Committee and the Pupil Free Days we have developed a Hallett Cove STEM Vision

“Our STEM vision at HCS is engage students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths by using an integrated approach which provides all students with access to challenging, relevant and engaging tasks.

STEM at HCS empowers students and staff to develop skills for tomorrow. Teachers engage students through well-resourced, real-life, rich learning tasks that enhance skills for new career pathways in a rapidly developing world. This is achieved through working collaboratively and creatively to nurture higher order thinking, preparing students for the future.

Students solve problems using creativity, imagination, higher-order thinking skills, technical language, knowledge and understanding. They are confident learners and effective problem solvers who are able to take risks with their learning to achieve their goals.”

Junior School Robotics Program

Hallett Cove School students in Year 5 and 6 had the opportunity to participate in an 8 week RoboSoccer course. Students with an interest in science, mathematics and design technologies were required to submit an application to be selected to participate.

Students were involved in a range of learning opportunities including:

  • robot Construction and sensor operation;
  • mathematical formulae and graphing (for example: speed; circumference; distance);
  • block based programming including complex sequences and loops;
  • problem solving;
  • understanding ultrasonic to avoid obstacles;
  • using infra-red sensor zones to chase the ball;
  • programming with compass sensor to kick the ball towards goal.

Students used the Mindstorms programming language (developed by LEGO and Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and ultimately competed in a RoboSoccer tournament where a trophy was awarded and participation medals were received by all students.

The program has encouraged students to:

  • be enthusiastic about robotics and programming;
  • develop capacity in science, mathematics and design technologies;
  • be willing to share what they have learnt.

Any students wishing to participate should complete an application form at the start of each term as a new group will be chosen each term.


STEM Class

STEM is an elective subject at Year 9 and 10 at Hallett Cove School. The subject provides an opportunity for students to connect their learning across Maths, Science and Technology through innovative student led projects. It is a course that affords students the freedom to follow passions and design their own learning. Students develop a strong sense of team, focus on core engineering concepts, and construct innovative projects in the field of STEM, to showcase to southern schools and industry leaders.