Satoko (Japan) 2015

My name is Satoko and I am from Tokyo in Japan. I have been here for 10 months. I really like doing exercise so I will introduce two experiences.

Firstly, I joined the Volleyball Focus Program at Hallett Cove School. It was hard for me to play against students who had played for more than two years when I had no actual experience of the game before. However through many games and lessons I began to enjoy the sport. My best memory was playing Beach Volleyball at Glenelg beach. I had never been to such a beautiful beach in my life especially as in Tokyo, there is no place to swim like at Glenelg. I enjoyed playing Volleyball with my friends and the teachers taught and supported me many times while friends who were team mates made me have fun. These are my big Volleyball memories.

As a second experience and one of my best memories was joining the Outdoor Education class. The reason why I chose this subject was because I wanted be a Park Ranger and, I thought I could learn many things about nature with this subject. I got to try snorkelling, canoeing, bush walking and camping which I could not experience in Japan. These involvements gave me many fun experiences and an opportunity to learn what Australia has. I learnt that Australia has beautiful nature, and Australian people try to keep it that way. Whilst camping we went to the Deep Creek Conservation Park for bush walking. The track was not easy to walk along but my feet moved naturally as I wanted to see new things. I saw Australian animals and plants which I had never seen before. All of them taught me that we live with nature. I was really glad to learn about them.

My memories of Hallett Cove School are filled with beautiful nature, great teachers, interesting lessons and good friends. These should be my support in my life from now on.

Marina (Japan) 2015

I’m Marina and I am from Japan. I got a 2015 scholarship for studying in Australia for 10 months through the Tokyo Board of Education. In this program, students are required to do a research project where the topic is self-chosen. So I researched about the differences in teaching foreign languages. Hallett Cove School teaches Japanese as a foreign language class, so I took this class and compared two things; the difference in teaching methods and students’ attitudes between Japan and Australia.

I found two important things through this project. One is the importance of speaking a native language, and the other one was that it is important to study foreign languages. This may sound opposite, but both of them are related and can help stop the decline of our cultures.

Now that everything is worldwide and based on English, I think speaking in English is good. However the decline of non-English speaking countries’ culture is a big concern all over world. I think to keep speaking our native language is one of the most effective ways to prevent this. Also it is said learning foreign languages enable us to increase our native language ability. We can understand not only other countries’ languages and cultures but also our country’s language and culture if we study foreign languages. Both speaking native language and learning foreign languages enable us to get new sense of value and also to increase our global understanding.

Studying in Australia involved completely getting out from my comfort zone so everything was hard. But I could cope because of everyone’s support. Therefore I’d like to say thank you to my family, host family, friends, subject teachers, HG teachers, and all staff of Hallett Cove School for all of your support. I couldn't finish this 10 months without all of you. Thank you so much.

Takashi (Japan) 2014

First of all, I would like to thank all students, teachers and everyone who helped me. Everyone’s help makes me what I am today. There is no doubt Hallett Cove School is the best school in Australia. When I started at Hallett Cove School in Term 2, 2014, I was unable to speak English at all. I may have looked like a totem pole, just standing, not speaking at all. This is because what I have learnt in Japan as English is totally different from what Australians speak as English! Surprise!

Language is not the only thing to surprise me but also the culture; as you all know, people can drink legally since the age of 18 here but in Japan we can’t drink alcohol until aged 20 years. Can I drink legally here? Yes, I can!

Studying in other countries is much harder than everyone thought. That does not mean I want everyone to praise me. I have been educated in subjects that I prefer like math, chemistry and biology. Math is universal language. It is not hard. Others are very hard and I cannot even pass them without help of teachers and friends.

This is not the end of my stay in Australia. I would like to go to a university in Australia next year if I have a sufficient ATAR score and some of my friends and former students may see me next year.

Anyway, thank you very much for all your help and good luck with your future!! I am glad I went to Hallett Cove School with you and looking forward to seeing you again!! Bye!

Linda (Germany) 2013

I am Linda and I am studying at the Hallett Cove School in Year 11 and I also will do the 1st Semester of Year 12 here in Australia. I have already been here for three months here and I am really enjoying it.

I found some good friends and they showed me parts of the city so we can do other things together.

School is very different with so many other subjects and another atmosphere but it’s a great, new experience. Adelaide is great and my home stay is really nice. They have already let me feel as a part of the family and they also support me very much.

I am playing Handball for a team which is here in South Australia. After a month the club training finished and the State training began. They play the National Championship Games every year and this year they were in Adelaide. We played against all the other states and one team from New Zealand. We ended up as 2nd place and played very well.

It was a great success for the SA Women State team because they never ended up as 2nd place before. This competition was a really good experience for me. I met so many new people from other teams and talked to them. A lot of them are European because Handball isn’t that big in Australia but it was still just great because they are all so nice.

Also it’s good to see that they are trying to grow and build up Handball in Australia. I am looking forward to my next nine months here in Australia. I will enjoy it so much because it’s great that I had the opportunity to go to Australia for study. Also I start the Beach Handball season now and everything will be so much fun here!

Nils (Germany) 2013 - Photography Trip to the Flinders Ranges

My name is Nils and I was a German exchange student at the Hallett Cove School in 2013 and 2014. In the September holidays of 2013 I went on photography trip with Hallett Cove School students to the Outback of Australia.

At the beginning I felt like I knew nothing about taking good photos but four days in the Flinders Ranges with the teacher can change this pretty fast.

Our trip started in the morning of the Thursday before the holidays. We packed our luggage in the trailer our bus which was used for the whole trip and then the trip started.

It took us five hours to get to our destination called Port Augusta. Then started the shortest sleeping time in my life. Our daily routine looked like this: get up like 4 o’ clock in the morning to shoot the sunrise somewhere. We had some apples and cookies for the first snack meal. Afterwards we drove back to our accommodation to have a real breakfast and then drive again somewhere to take another picture ...for example a train. At this time you already feel like you finished a normal day although it is just lunchtime. After having lunch you can guess what comes next, we are driving to our next shooting place until we find a good place for shooting the sunset.

When we finally come back we made a big dinner with a lot of food. Sometimes we shoot again at night like in a cemetery. And then we went to bed at maybe 12 or 1 o’ clock to get up again 3-4 hours later.

Shoko (Japan) 2010 to 2012 - Dux of Year 12

Three years and three months ago, I left Japan for Australia to study English. Living in Australia was like finding new things everyday. I enjoyed different people, different cultures and a different atmosphere surrounded me and I found that Australia is such a beautiful country. But at the same time, I realised how much I loved my home country.

During my journey in Australia, I had to overcome many difficulties which were often because of homesickness or anxiety about my poor English. However, I was able to focus on what I needed to do because there was always someone who stood by my side. My parents, they were so brave to send me to Australia and believed in me that I would never give up so I was able to keep up with the school work. My sister, she was always there for me whenever I was happy, sad, angry or depressed and looked after me. My host family, they have taken the best care of me. I could not ask for anything better. My agents, they told me how important it is to have discipline. Their advice always became the base of my study habit. My teachers, I sometimes needed extra help when I did not understand the tasks, but they willingly and patiently explained to me until I fully understood the concepts. Thanks to my subject teachers, home group teachers and staff at Hallett Cove School, I was able to get through the challenging years in Australia. And lastly my friends, I am already missing recess and lunch when we spent time together. My school life would have never been so wonderful without you. I believe that there is a strong bond between us and it is actually the best thing that happened to me during high school.

The biggest accomplishment was that I have proven myself that I can achieve anything I want if I make every effort for it. This has become one of the teachings I will keep following in the future.

My study in Australia still continues next year at The International College of Hotel Management in Adelaide. I believe it is just one of the steps towards our goals. I hope every one of us has found something precious at Hallett Cove School that will stay in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

I would like to say thank you to my family, teachers, friends and everyone for all of your support.