Year 9 Music Performance

LENGTH OF COURSE: Semester or Full Year



Course content will be a selection of the following:

Knowledge and Understanding:
• Plan and organise compositions with an understanding of style and convention
• Analyse a range of music from contemporary and past times

Music Practices:
• Improvise and arrange music to explore personal style in composition and performance
• Manipulate combinations of the elements of music in a range of styles using technology
• Practise and rehearse to refine a variety of performance repertoire with increasing technical and interpretative skill

Present and Perform:
• Perform and present music applying techniques and expression stylistically correct

Respond and Interpret:
• Evaluate a range of music and compositions to inform and refine their own compositions and performances


Knowledge and Understanding:
Students develop their music theory skills using Musition and in-class forum activities
Research task and musical analysis (Australian Rock Unit and Indigenous Rock Unit)
Music Review of a performance

Music Performance & Composition:
Students work in small groups and individually developing their skills further on instrument of choice
Rehearsal observation and final performance at the end of the course
Music composition using Mixcraft and Sibelius (Music Technology)