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Tony Hall

At Hallett Cove School, we value education and provide quality learning for our students to become resourceful, adaptable, innovative and flexible, which helps them to be successful in their future. Our school encourages students to be active members of the community through teamwork, friendship and independence.

Tony Hall

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2-32 Gledsdale Rd
Hallett Cove SA 5158

Phone: 08 8392 1020

Email: info@hcs.sa.edu.au

When calling the general number please press the following to be taken directly to the listed area:

1 Student Absences
2 Finance
3 Middle School
4 Senior School
5 Junior School
6 Administration
7 International
8 First Aid

Alternatively for student absences
Email: absences@hcs.sa.edu.au

Hallett Cove School