Governing Council

Governing Council

Hallett Cove School encourages active participation by parents and community members in the school’s decision making processes, indeed, one of the indicators of a successful school is the degree to which parents and the school are working in partnership to improve the learning outcomes of students.

The school’s governance and strategic directions are provided by the Governing Council which consists of up to 20 people. The composition of the council includes the Principal, three staff members, two students, one member of the Parents and Friends Committee and up to 11 members elected by the school community. The Governing council also has community representatives, including the Member for Black, the Hon David Speirs and representatives from the City of Marion council, Ms Sarah Luscombe.

Role of the Governing Council

Governing Council meetings are generally held at Hallett Cove School in Weeks 4 and 8 of each school term.

The meetings set the broad direction of the school, including:

  • Involve the school community in the governance of the school, helping to set the vision and strategic planning
  • Review policies for the school
  • Determine the application of the total funding resources of the school
  • Monitor and review the Services Agreement with DFE
  • Report to the school community and the Minister in relation to the strategic plan, the finances of the school and its operational plans.
  • Governing Councils are involved in deliberating upon issues such as school finances and expenditure, grounds, uniform, canteen, Out of Hours School Care and health and safety.

Hallett Cove School Governing Council Constitution 2023


Governing Council Meeting Dates 2023

Thursday 30 March, Thursday 1 June , Thursday 22 June, Thursday 17 August, Thursday 14 September, Thursday 9 November, Thursday 7 December

Governing Council Members

Parent Representatives
Jay Golley Chairperson / Parent Representative March 2024
Gary Kupke Deputy Chairperson / Parent Representative March 2024
TBC Treasurer / Parent Representative
Heather Anderson Secretary / Parent Representative March 2025
Jaeleigh Noonan Parent Representative / OSHC March 2025
Sophie Disley Parent Representative / Parents and Friends March 2024
Felicity Bieze Parent Representative / Uniform Committee March 2024
Paul Sincock Parent Representative March 2025
Student Representatives
Mackenzie Rendell Student Representative – Student President December 2023
Marley lane Student Representative – Student President December 2023
Community Representatives
David Speirs Community Representative – Member for Black Ongoing
Sarah Luscombe Community Representative – Councillor for City of Marion Ongoing
Staff Representatives
Alyce Robertson Secretary / Staff Representative March 2024
Craig Duguid Staff Representative March 2024
Liz vandenBrink Staff Representative March 2024
Ex-officio Representative
Tony Hall Principal  Ongoing

Governing Council Role Descriptions 2023