Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Hallett Cove School’s Student Leadership structures promote students to have a voice in a range of ways, ranging from improvements in learning, school policy development, and school environment improvements.

Hallett Cove School focuses on developing young people into strong leaders of our community. Student Leaders are educated on ways to create change, and organise special events, whilst upholding the schools values and providing leadership to their peers.

All students are provided the opportunity to provide voice in class for improvements and change, however Student Leaders also meet with School Leadership on a regular basis to discuss improvements. 


For the ‘student body’ to have a voice and to be represented in the school; so students have the opportunity to share opinions, ideas and concerns that affect their school life. It is so students have input in the operational plan of the school, and for them to develop personal leadership skills and effective working relationships.


Our vision is to maintain an environment where students feel safe and comfortable so students feel accepted and can engage in a learning style that suits individual needs. 

Student Leaders perform the following roles:

  • Uphold School Values
  • Provide voice on behalf of others
  • Lead positive change
  • Involve themselves in school events
  • Positively contribute to school culture


Hallett Cove School also facilitates a Student Representative Council, led by the Student Presidents, as elected by the Year 12 cohort. This council set out their own agenda for improvement and positive change at school, and meet multiple times per term.

Any student can nominate for a position on the Student Representative Council, with members approved by School Leadership and the Student Presidents. This council comprises enthusiastic leaders from a range of year levels.