Enrolment Information

Enrolment at Hallett Cove School is governed by the Department of Education and Children Development (DECD) policy; as applying to state zoned schools.Reception to Year 6 entry is managed through our Junior School Leaders. Initial enquiries should be made by contacting our main office on 8392 1020 - Ext 5.

Year 7-12 entry is a process managed by our School Counsellors. Availability of positions is contingent on a range of factors, such as living in zone, subject availability and whether time in a course of study allows the opportunity for success. Initial enquiries to Administration on 8392 1020 - Ext 6.

However, initial Year 8 entry is made through application via the student’s primary school during the latter part of their Year 7 year.

International Student Program (ISP)

International students are recruited by International Education Services (IES). These students will hold a visa as defined by the Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Border Protection. This will allow them to enrol in SA Government schools subject to certain conditions based on their visa sub-class. These enrolments are not managed by Hallett Cove School.

International Education Service can be contacted on:

Phone: +61 8 8226 3402

Fax: +61 8 8226 3655



All students need to complete a Clearance Form when planning to leave Hallett Cove School to transfer to another school, go into further training or into the work force. We encourage Parent/Caregivers to contact the school to discuss the possibility of a student leaving Hallett Cove School. A Clearance Form can be obtained directly from the School Secretaries.

After completing the details, please e-mail or hand in the Clearance Form to the school who will then finalise details with the student via the School Secretaries and Year Level Managers.

PLEASE NOTE all students including International students must:

  • return all materials including texts books, library books, laptop/accessories
  • ensure their personal locker is emptied & left in a clean state
  • report to their Home group Teacher for final locker check and clearance
  • obtained clearance from Finance section & the Library that no items are owing
  • The clearance form is required to be completed before the student’s last day of attendance

Return form to school secretaries or Year level Managers