Governing Council

Hallett Cove School encourages active participation by parents and community members in the school’s decision making processes, indeed, one of the indicators of a successful school is the degree to which parents and the school are working in partnership to improve the learning outcomes of students.

  • Governing Councils are involved in deliberating upon issues such as school finances and expenditure, grounds, uniform, canteen, Out of Hours School Care and health and safety.
  • Governing Council is held at Hallett Cove School in Weeks 4 and 8 of each school term.

HCS Governing Council Nomination 2019


Name Role Tenure
Grant Roach Chairperson 2018
Alyce Robertson Secretary 2018
Sophie Disley Parent Rep 2020
Graeme Duncan Parent Rep (Sports Committee rep) 2019
Kersten Stengel Staff Rep 2018
Belinda Wildman Parent Rep 2020
Mathew Lister Parent Rep 2019
Alvin Chowles Parent Rep 2019
Jay Golley Parent Rep 2019
Chris Cox Parent Rep 2019
Kym Pedler Parent Rep 2020
Ian Crossland Community Rep 2018
Liz VandenBrink Staff Rep 2018
Mary Asikas Principal n/a