Principals Welcome

It’s a pleasure to lead Hallett Cove School, one of the few R-12 Schools in the south. The school is committed to providing a holistic education offering a range of opportunities for students to develop academically, socially and emotionally.

The school is nestled right in the middle of its community and has a very strong community feel about it. The curriculum emphasizes the importance of learning within the local and global communities and provides opportunities for students to develop skills needed for the future, creative thinking, problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration and team work.

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Hallett Cove School will be fortunate to be part of the State Governments - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program and $3.5 million will be invested in the school. The funding will create innovative and inspiring learning areas for students to engage in STEM activities. With our state economy shifting focus to new technology-based advanced manufacturing and three quarters of the fastest growing occupations technology related our students will need a new set of skill in the workplace, with a strong focus on STEM. The funding will provide exciting new facilities for our students to learn the skills of the future. The funds will completely redesign the Science and Technology facilities.

Strengthening Community Connections With Our School

The school launched a ‘Community Partnership Plan’. We had a number of community guests speaking to staff about how their organisation can work in partnership with the whole school.

Some of these community partners included: Hallett Cove Rotary Club, Flinders University Hallett Cove Preschool, Hallett Cove Youth Service and Hallett Cove Sports, Grow SA and Community Club. Staff make face to face contact and connections with our community partners. Our aim is to increase the number of classes and students involvement within the community. We know that this community partnership strategy will connect our students and staff more closely with their local community and also provide opportunities for further developing citizenship skills.

Our Focus on Quality Learning

The school is focused on delivering a consistent approach to curriculum to ensure a seamless education R-12. Our teaching pedagogy includes the use of work examples, assessment rubrics, prior learning matrices, stretch thinking assessment tasks, gantt charts to track work deadlines and completion. These can be accessed 24/7 from the Student Portal in our Learner Management System (Daymap).

The staff work towards classroom practices that reflect our own Hallett Cove School, school vision, developed jointly by staff.

Our Vision for Teaching & Learning Excellence in the classroom at HCS is:

  • Self-motivated, organised and independent students, able to explain their learning to others.
  • Learning that is student owned and centred, led by students able to negotiate their learning within the AC framework, building upon existing knowledge and skills.
  • A collaborative environment where positive staff-student-community relationships flourish, teaching and learning are enjoyable and well-being is promoted.
  • Teachers facilitating learning through consistent language and assessment tasks, using resources, technology and Quality Tools effectively.
  • Students engaged in high quality learning, achieving their personal best through high quality work, in a range of learning environments.
  • Students and parents clear about high expectations.
  • Successful student transition from school to higher learning and work

HCS Students involved in Quality Learning discussions and workshop

Child Protection Curriculum Training

All teachers are trained to familiarise themselves with the DECD Keep Safe: Child Protection Curriculum (CPC). Sometimes children and young people use the opportunities that arise in schools to share personal information. Recognising the significance of those moments for students is part of a staff member’s duty of care here at Hallett Cove school. A teachers’ role in these situations is to do everything they can to enable the student to share what they wish to share.

The four focus areas in this Child Protection Curriculum are:

  • The right to be safe
  • Relationships
  • Recognising and reporting abuse
  • Protective strategies

Growth Mindset

“The school has begun their work on building a Growth Mindset culture across the school. Teachers have undertaken Professional Learning with James Anderson, leader in Growth Mindset”.