Principals Welcome

It’s a pleasure to lead Hallett Cove School, one of the few R-12 Schools in the south. The school is committed to providing a holistic education offering a range of opportunities for students to develop academically, socially and emotionally.
The school is nestled right in the middle of its community and has a very strong community feel about it. The curriculum emphasizes the importance of learning within the local and global communities and provides opportunities for students to develop skills needed for the future, creative thinking, problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration and team work.

We continually strive to get better for our students!

We are proud to say that our 2017 SACE results have shown significant improvement in all aspects. I would like to congratulate all our 2017 year 12 graduate students and all the year 12 teachers and the Senior School leadership team for all their commitment of our students and their success. The improvements are listed below:

  1. SACE COMPLETION: SACE Completion is at an outstanding 100% of our year 12 students completed SACE. An outstanding result and the highest result so far! Previous years were:
  • 2017 100% (outstanding achievement)
  • 2016 96.6%
  • 2015 98.2%
  • 2014 98.3%
  • 2013 93.3%

    2. STAGE 1 LITERACY: Compulsory Stage 1 Literacy in 2017 we achieved 100% pass rate and completion. Previous years were

  • 2017 100% (best so far!)
  • 2016 91.1%
  • 2015 92.64%
  • 2014 95.3%

    3. STAGE 1 NUMERACY: Compulsory Stage 1 Numeracy in 2017 we achieved 100% pass rate and completion. Previous years were:

  • 2017 100% (best so far!)
  • 2016 87.6%
  • 2015 92%
  • 2014 76.3%

     4. RESEARCH PROJECT: Compulsory Research Project subject achieved an outstanding 100% with 2 students who received a Merit Award at Government         House in February 2017.

  • 2017 100% (best so far!)
  • 2016 97.5%
  • 2015 100%
  • 2014 99.8%

    5. STAGE 2 GRADE DISTRIBUTION: Stage 2 grade distribution showed that in 2017 we achieved an outstanding 97.2% students achieved a ‘C’ and above.     The highest the school has achieved at Stage 2! Previous years were:

  • 2017 97.2% (best so far!)
  • 2016 96.1%
  • 2015 96.92%


I would like to congratulate Mitali Rawat for achieving an ATAR score of 99.7%. Her commitment to her studies in 2017 were outstanding. In addition, Mitali achieved a Merit Award (A+) for Research Project in 2017. Mitali has had 4 university offers across Australia in Medicine. She has decided to undertake her study in Medicine at Flinders University.

2018 Leadership team

Our leadership team work as one for our students and have a strong focus on high achievement.

What is Numeracy

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Volleyball & Soccer Focus Program

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Growth Mindset

“The school has begun their work on building a Growth Mindset culture across the school. Teachers have undertaken Professional Learning with James Anderson, leader in Growth Mindset”.