School History

Hallett Cove School

Late in 1984 the Southern Area Education Office commenced a program of consultation with the Hallett Cove community with the objective of establishing an R-10 school. In March 1985 a Parents’ Reference Group was formed and in September of that year established itself as an Interim School Council.

Hallett Cove School opened in February. 1987 as the only R-10 school in metropolitan Adelaide. Ms Susan Monks was the school’s first Principal and there were 300 students from Reception to Year 7 on the first day of school. The school grew rapidly and classroom accommodation shortages and zoning issues were topics of conversation throughout 1988 - 89.

Dr Peter Jackson was the second Principal of the school and commenced duties mid-way through the 1990 school year. For the first time in its short history the school had all of its solid buildings available and all of its levels. R- 10, in place.

An opening ceremony for the school occurred on May 17, 1991 with the Hon.. Greg Crafler. Minister of Education officiating. During 1991 a reference group recommended to the Minister of Education that Hallett Cove School provide Years 11 and 12 education. The decision to add senior secondary education to the school was made in 1992.

The school had its third principal, Mr Jim Davies. appointed in 1993. Year 11 studies commenced in 1995 and Year 12 in 1996, making Hallett Cove School metropolitan Adelaide’s third R-12 school. A major building project occurred throughout 1995-96-97 to cater for the addition of the senior secondary curriculum.

Mary Asikas is currently the principal and has lead the school for 6 years beginning in 2012. The school has established a clear vision, a set of values and 4 Strategic Directions to ensure the school is delivering education to be a globally competitive and meeting the needs of 21st Century Learners.

Strategic Directions Specific Goals
Strategic Direction 1: Literacy
  1. Improve literacy achievement in SACE, NAPLAN and PAT R
  2. Improve literacy through a whole school approach
Strategic Direction 2: Numeracy
  1. Improve numeracy achievement in SACE, NAPLAN and PAT R
  2. Improve numeracy through a whole school approach
Strategic Direction 3: Growth Mindset
  1. Growth Mindset is embedded across R-12 through consistent language and strategies
  2. Student Voice in Learning opportunities empower students
Strategic Direction 4: STEM/PBL
  1. The DECD Design Process informs STEM/PBL pedagogy
  2. STEM initiative enhances opportunities for integrated learning, interdisciplinary planning and authentic problem solving


In 1988 the Principal Ms Susan Monks, in conjunction with the School Council, initiated a search for a school logo. The brief was to have a simple symbol which reflected some aspect of Hallett Cove and the school. After a number of weeks and a variety of ideas, the staff and parent bodies finally settled on our current design. The logo was designed by the then art teacher, Dave Smith.

The horizontal lines represent both the sea and the geological strata of the Hallett Cove Conservation Park and the sun as a symbolic reference to youthful aspirations as well as the visual beauty of our ocean view in the late afternoon.

The logo was updated and 'digitized' in 2009 by a member of the IT support staff, Scott Rowland, to meet the needs of the school's on-line communications.