Daymap Login Guide

On the HCS homepage, click “Log-In”.  Then click the “DaymapConnect” image on the login page.


Which will take you to the Daymap Connect sign in page.


If you are using Daymap Connect for the first time or have forgotten your password click on the links to be taken to the account registration and reset page.

Enter the email address you have registered with the school along with a matching valid student code and a link to enable you to reset your password will be emailed to you You can then change the password to one of your own choosing. Please ensure you use a complex password and keep your password secure. It is reccomended that you choose a unique password for this site. The security of this password protects sensitive information about your child and is not to be shared with other people.

The student code can be found on your child’s timetable, any school invoice or receipt, library or student card.
If you have not registered your email address or it has changed please contact the school to update via email or phone 83921020