Frequently Asked Questions

What is Overseas Student Health Cover?

Answer: Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is medical insurance which will help you pay for doctor’s fees, ambulance, x-rays and blood tests, hospital cover and medication while studying in South Australia. South Australia Government Schools will organise OSHC for all students. If you are enrolling in our Senior School Graduate Programme or Junior School Programme, there will be an annual OHSC fee in addition to your tuition fees. If you are enrolling in a Study Abroad Program, OHSC is included in the cost of your programme fee.

How am I going to get to and from Hallett Cove School on the first day?

Answer: Your homestay family will help you to get to and from school on your first day. Once you feel confident, your homestay family will show you how to use public transport to get to school.

How do I pay for my homestay accommodation?

Answer: If you are enrolled in a Senior School Study Abroad Program, the cost of your homestay is included in your programme fee and these payments are managed by South Australian Government Schools. If you are enrolled in a Senior School Graduate Program, you will need to pay a fortnightly homestay fee direct to your homestay. Your first homestay payment is due when you arrive. Alternatively, for an annual administration fee of $200, South Australian Government Schools can manage the homestay payments for you. If you choose this option, your initial fee on your Letter of Offer will include 12 months homestay fees. After that, South Australian Government Schools will invoice you for 6 months homestay fees in advance.

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Am I able to work part-time whilst studying at Hallett Cove School?

Answer: If you are enrolled in a Senior School Study Abroad Programme, you are not permitted to work. If you are enrolled in a Senior School Graduate Programme and have completed your Intensive Secondary English Course (ISEC), you can speak with the International Student Program Manager at your school to seek permission to work part-time. Your student visa will allow you to work to a maximum of 20 hours/week.

What do I do if I want to go on holidays?

Answer: If you intend travelling within South Australia, interstate or overseas during the school holidays, you will need to discuss your travel plans with the International Student Programme Manager at your school before making any arrangements. This will apply whether you are travelling with or without your homestay family and is a requirement for your personal safety and of your student visa.

What happens to my homestay room when I am away on holidays?

Answer: If you are enrolled in a Senior School Graduate Programme and go away on holidays for more than one week, you will be charged a room holding fee instead of the full homestay fee. This will ensure that no one else can occupy your room in your absence and your possessions are not disturbed.

How does study abroad at Hallett Cove School help me enter university or college?

Answer: After graduation from this high school you can go on to tertiary study, such as university. Graduating from Hallett Cove School will give you a national Australian Tertiary Admission Rank score (ATAR) meaning you will be eligible to enter university courses across Australia (note that Queensland uses a different scoring system, however, your ATAR score can be converted for entry into a Queensland university course.) Studying at Hallett Cove School before going to university will help develop your English skills to make studying and communicating and meeting new friends easier. The Australian education system encourages students to think proactively, explore their ideas and present them for discussion. Finishing senior school in a South Australian Government School will help you with your transition to university where this type of thinking is expected.

How do I enrol in a programme at Hallett Cove School?

Answer: Once you have decided on your programme, you may wish to choose an education agent to guide you through the enrolment process. The enrolment process includes submitting a student application form, receiving and accepting your Letter of Offer and applying for your visa.

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How much money will I need for additional Hallett Cove School expenses?

Answer: South Australian Government Schools recommends you allow AUD $300 - $550 per year for additional school expenses including stationery, school excursions and camps. View the International Student Programme fee schedule for detailed additional school expenses.

Do I need to wear the Hallett Cove School uniform and if so how much will it cost?

Answer: As a student attending a South Australian government school, you will need to purchase a school uniform. A uniform will cost between AUD $250 - $500 and must include black, enclosed shoes.

What are the requirements for a student visa and how long does it take to process?

Answer: Australian student visa requirements differ from country to country. You can obtain information regarding visa requirements from your education agent or the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. You can lodge your visa application with the Australian Embassy in your home country who can advise on how long it will take to process.


When can I start my programme at Hallett Cove School?

Answer: You can commence your studies at the beginning of any school term or join the mid-term intake. View the application dates to decide when you would like to start.

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What if I want to travel while in South Australia?

Answer: International students are able to travel while in South Australia but under specific conditions. Students enrolled in one of our programs are under the care of the Department for Education and Child Development and the department is able to approve or deny student travel plans based on particular circumstances, such as travelling alone.

How do I pay my programme fees?

Answer: If you are a Study Abroad Programme student, you will pay your full programme fees when accepting your Letter of Offer. If you are a Junior School Program or Senior School Graduate Program student, you will make an initial payment as indicated on your Letter of Offer and then be invoiced every 6 months if paying by semester or 12 months if paying annually. All payments must be paid in Australian Dollars (AUD) by the due date on the invoice. Payments not made by this date will incur an AUD $100 late fee. Payment can be made by international bank transfer, credit card or cheque. International students currently studying in a South Australian government school can make payments in person at the International Education Services Office. Please note: cash payments cannot be accepted.

Who will help me if I have a problem?

Answer: There are a number of people who can assist you if you are having problems including your homestay family, International Student Program Manager (Ms Di Schriever), International Support Officers (Ms Sue Orchard and Ms Sadie Gomer), your homegroup teacher, a school counsellor and other staff members of Hallett Cove School. In the case of an emergency, Hallett Cove School offers a 24 hour phone service, 0401 121 611.

What are the programme fees?

Answer: The programme fees are what you would expect to pay for your tuition, Overseas Student Health Cover, administration, support services and homestay placement. Junior school students living with a parent or nominated relative and are not eligible for the homestay program. View the programme fees and inclusions for Junior and Senior school students.

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