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Do you want try surfing the waves in crystal blue waters? Or maybe you want to go snorkelling with Nemo? Have you heard about the Aussie bush – try a bushwalk and an overnight camp.  And have you seen a kangaroo, koala or emu – they are very unique! And we have the best blue skies and sunsets in the world! 


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South Australia has approximately 800 government schools which are either Primary or Secondary (High) Schools. A small number of schools have both Primary and Secondary students on the same campus. Hallett Cove School is an example of this and is also the largest single campus in South Australia with both primary and secondary students aged from 5 to 18 years (western age). The school structure is therefore divided into Junior/Primary School (age 5-10 years), Middle School (age 11-14) and Senior/High School (age 15-18).

Junior School students complete Reception to Year 6 of schooling and then go into the Middle School. After completing Years 7-9 students move into the Senior School to complete Years 10-12. It is during these final years of schooling that South Australian students start to make subject choices based on career pathways which can include University, apprenticeships, traineeships and paid work.

– Di Schriever (Program Manager)

– Belinda Wildman (Liaison Officer)