Student Leadership

Student Leadership Structure and Management at HCS

Talia Vandyk manages this initiative and works closely with our Student Executive.

Our aim for Student Voice at HCS school is to involve students in a range of ways e.g. school improvements in learning and negotiating their learning, school policy development (e.g. Student behaviour, Uniform, Bullying & Harassment, Decision Making) and school environment/grounds changes or improvements.

The Student Voice focus has developed a culture of regular Home Class meetings, monthly Year Level student leadership meetings followed by Student Executive meetings.

Student Voice - Purpose

For the ‘student body’ to have a voice and to be represented in the school; so students have the opportunity to share opinions, ideas and concerns that affect their school life. It is so students have input in the operational plan of the school, and for them to develop personal leadership skills and effective working relationships.

Student Voice - Vision

Our vision is to maintain an environment where students feel safe and comfortable so students feel accepted and can engage in a learning style that suits individual needs. Representatives will uphold School Values, be polite and friendly in nature so that we can help the school and wider community.

The Student Improvement Team - Improvement Process