Stage 1 Ancient Studies


ASSUMED BACKGROUND: Successful completion of Year 10 HASS


Course content will be a selection of the following:

Compulsory topic:
Understanding Ancient History – includes historical authentication and reliability, preservation, conservation, and/or reconstruction of ancient sites and artefacts, cultural heritage, ownership, and/or the role of museums.

Additional topics:
Students may study from: art, architecture and technology, warfare and conquest, social structures, slavery, and everyday life, beliefs, rituals and mythology, creative representations which includes one or more texts from or about an ancient culture.


Folio of work:

A Folio might consist of a variety of tasks, which include researching into and understanding the ideas and innovations from the ancient world, as well as reflecting on the diversity of beliefs, attitudes, and values throughout the ancient world.

Source Analysis:
A source analysis using a variety of primary and secondary sources, which could include literature, pottery, inscriptions, architecture, painting, sculpture, archaeological sites or documents.

Inquiry-based Investigation:
The focus of an inquiry may be chosen by the teacher or negotiated by the student. The inquiry could be an extension of the material covered in class, or a study of an aspect of a different ancient society or culture. Students demonstrate their inquiry skills and research selected ideas, individuals, groups, institutions, social systems, events, and/or artefacts of the ancient world.