Stage 1 Society and Culture


ASSUMED BACKGROUND: Successful completion of Year 10 HASS


Course content will be a selection of the following:

Australian content topic:
Possible topics include a current social or cultural issue, the media, popular culture, prejudice and discrimination, wealth/ work/status, societies in rural and urban Australia, relationships between societies and natural environments, power and authority in society etc.

Global content topic:
Possible topics include peace and conflict, Australians as global citizens, refugee and migrant experiences and contributions, Australia’s relationships with the Asia–Pacific region, the diversity of the Asia–Pacific region, world-shaping phenomena, lobby/advocacy groups and social change etc.


Group activity:
Students work collaboratively in a group to define and investigate different perspectives on a contemporary social or cultural issue that is relevant to one or more of the topics studied.

Source Analysis:
Students gather information from primary and/or secondary sources. Primary sources may include observations and recordings from field trips to cultural or social events or centres, a study of cultural artefacts, or interactions with guest speakers and other people in the school or the local community, including other students. Students may undertake activities as individuals, in groups, or as members of a whole class. They record qualitative or quantitative data, using surveys, journals, photographs, spreadsheets or other means.

Inquiry-based Investigation:
Students choose a contemporary social or cultural issue to investigate. They identify and refine guiding questions and investigate, analyse and use relevant information from different sources, which may include primary sources. Students support their conclusions with evidence from their investigations.