Stage 2 Legal Studies


ASSUMED BACKGROUND: Successful Completion of Stage 1 Legal Studies and Stage 1 English. Non-compulsory, related subjects in year 10


Course content will be a selection of the following:

Focus Area 1: Sources of Law
Students will explore and question the key principles and institutions that form the foundation of the legal system. This includes principles of equality and democracy, under the foundation of Australia’s rule of law and separation of powers.

Focus Area 2: Dispute Resolution
The topic investigates Australia’s Justice System and asks students to reflect upon whether justice and communities are supported in our civil and criminal systems. This includes the rules and procedure of the Adversary system, as well as the roles of the judge, prosecution/plaintiff, defence and accused.

Focus Area 3: The Australian Constitution
Students will review the origins and fundamental principles of Australia’s Constitutional system. In doing so, we will investigate issues of human rights, changing societal values and the role of a monarch.


Type 1: Folio Assessment
The folio will be a selection of four tasks, including a letter, essay, debate and supervised test

Type 2: Inquiry
Students undertake an Inquiry into a contemporary legal issue of personal interest in Australia. This will involve investigating opposing arguments and completing sufficient research

Type 3: Examination [30%]:
Students complete a 130-minute Electronic Examination as their external assessment task. The exam is in two parts, Part A: Responding to Sources on Focus Areas 1 & 2; Part B: Extended Response, an essay in response to a prompting statement..