Year 10 Marine Studies

Successful completion of this course will award students 10 Stage 1 credits towards their SACE completion.


ASSUMED BACKGROUND: Successful Completion of Year 9 Science, with a B grade or better


Course content will be a selection of the following:

1. Subatomic particles – understanding of the nature and energy of subatomic particles
2. Nuclear Medicine – understanding of the medical application of radiation and radioactive substances
3. Magnetic Resonance Imaging – understanding the science and engineering underpinning magnetic field medical imaging.
4. Thermodynamics – understanding of the transfer of energy between systems and the nature of entropy
5. Choice Challenge – an individual scientific research project on a physics or chemistry topic of choice.
6. Negotiated Topic – a class negotiated physics or chemistry topic of choice.


Investigations Folio:
Includes practical and experimental activities, with written reports

Skills Tasks:
Includes supervised tasks and activities with a written examination

This subject will prepare students for the rigour of Stage 1 Chemistry and/or Physics and is recommended for students who wish to continue study in either of these areas. Ther is also a focus on Stage 1 subject assessment types of investigation reports and Science as a Human Endeavour, which will be beneficial for any student planning to undertake any examinable Stage 2 Science subjects.