Year 9 Journalism / Media


ASSUMED BACKGROUND: English (at previous year level)

CURRICULUM CHARGES: Nil (Possible excursion charge of approximatley $20)

Course content will be a selection of the following:

Students will develop their knowledge and skills within the field of journalism. This will be accomplished through a focus on:
• Print Journalism
• Digital Media
• Broadcasting

Students will consider the future of journalism and how this will continue to evolve and face new challenges.


Opinion Column (20%):
Students will construct their own opinion column looking at current affairs and politics

Digital Media Platform (30%):
Student will construct their own digital media platform where they post and create content for the broader Hallett Cove School Community (social media posts, articles & podcasts).

Broadcasting Task (20%):
Students will look to build on their presenting skills through recording and publishing their own News Channel

Investigation (30%):
Students will review a controversial issue facing journalism and present their findings in the form of an essay, poster or presentation