Stage 1 Biology

LENGTH OF COURSE: Semester or Full Year (Full year recommended for students wishing to undertake Stage 2 Biology)

ASSUMED BACKGROUND:Successful Completion of Year 10 Science, with a C grade or better


Course content will be a selection of the following:

Biology A – Semester 1
1. Biodiversity ad Ecosystem dynamics – Understanding of the diversity of life on earth at an ecosystem and genetic level. Understanding adaptations and interactions of organisms, including human impacts.
2. Multicellular Organisms – Understanding of tissues, organs, systems and the exchange of nutrients through these

Biology B – Semester 2 (Recommended if planning to undertake stage 2 Biology)
1. Infectious Diseases – Understanding of the nature of disease, bacteria, viruses and infection control.
2. Cells and Micro-organisms – Understanding of cell structure and function


Investigations Folio:
Includes practical and Science as a Human Endeavour activities, with written reports
Skills Tasks:
Includes supervised tasks and activities with a written examination