Stage 1 English Pre-Literary Studies


ASSUMED BACKGROUND: Year 10 English -Students are required to achieve a B Grade or higher in course and exam, or on recommendation from subject teacher

CURRICULUM CHARGES: Nil (Possible Excursion charge of approximately $20)


The Stage 1 English Pre-Literary Studies course is designed for students wishing to partake in Stage 2 English Literary Studies. The content focuses on the skills and strategies of critical thinking needed to interpret more complex texts. Through shared and individual study of texts, students will encounter different opinions, have opportunities to exchange and develop ideas and find evidence to support their personal views. Students will learn to construct logical and convincing arguments, and consider a range of critical perspectives of texts.

Students complete a range of tasks from the following categories:

Responding to texts:
Students explore a range of texts including novels, films, poetry and contemporary texts. The emphasis is on in-depth analysis of texts and developing logical and convincing responses in written and oral forms

Creating texts:
Students compose written and spoken texts in various genres including expositions, narratives and transformations.

Intertextual study:
Students will complete a study of two connected texts.


Students will be required to undertake written and verbal tasks, and maintain a folio of these tasks, which they will submit at the end of the semester. The folio will include four pieces of work, with evidence of at least one oral presentation.

The weighting for each Assessment Type is:
• Responding to texts 50%
• Creating Texts 25%
• Intertextual Study 25%

Study Pathways
Stage 2 English Literary Studies, Stage 2 English or Stage 2 Essential English