Stage 1 Hair and Beauty


LENGTH OF COURSE: One semester

ASSUMED BACKGROUND: Students will work on other students’ hair and faces and act as models for others


Course content will be a selection of the following:

Industry Awareness:
Students will continue to look into the hair beauty industry and the career and growth opportunities and gain an understanding into the changing nature of the beauty industry, its workers, brands and products. Students will narrow their focus to a particular industry and the challenges associated with it.

Skill development:
Students will continue learning how practical skills play a large role in the beauty industry, including continuing to develop their own practical skills, including more advanced hands on learning around hair colouring, styling and makeup application, as well as the role that social media and people play in the evolving industry.


Personal Venture:
Students will investigate their chosen industry, with specific focus on the development, impact and challenges, as well as
looking to the future of the industry. Students will also look at how Social Media has impacted the industry by analysing,
creating and evaluating Social Media Beauty personalities.

Practical Exploration:
Students will participate in advanced practical skill sessions to culminate in a Skill showcase. They will be encouraged to
seek work experience within the beauty industry.

Students will create a portfolio of all skills, excursions, incursions, events and personal developments.