Stage 1 Photography

LENGTH OF COURSE: Semester of Full Year

ASSUMED BACKGROUND: Successful completion of a Year 10 Photography course is an advantage.


Course content will be a selection of the following:

Camera craft: Students will study both commercial and hobby photography. The course includes a variety of shooting techniques (eg sports, night, astro-photography, aerial (drone), special effects (eg light-painting), landscape, portraiture, still life and videography). The course is based around a student’s knowledge, understanding and ability to produce photographic products using professional camera and studio equipment.

Photo-editing: Students will learn advanced correction techniques (eg HDR) and image creation (eg multiple image, masking & collage) using Adobe Photoshop.

Designing: Students will use the design process to produce images for their selected technique, purpose or theme.
Excursion: We offer a 4-day trip to the Flinders Ranges.

NB – this trip is not guaranteed to run and is not a requirement of the course.


Specialist Skills Tasks:
Students will produce various creative photographs and graphic designs. Topics include sport, night, astro-photography, aerial, special effects, landscape, portraiture, still life and videography.

Design Portfolio and Product:
Students will design and produce their own photographic topics, themes or techniques. Personal selection allows students to tailor the course to their interests. A design portfolio is required.