Stage 2 Digital Futures

LENGTH OF COURSE: Semester or Full Year



Course content will be a selection of the following:

Process and production skills: Developing knowledge and skills for creating games and applications including game environment design, game testing, and programming, using the Unity Game Engine software.
Develop an understanding of complex game and app structures and how data can be
recorded and managed to create functional and engaging interactive applications.
Collaborate with other designers and clients to refine digital products, and present your solutions to stakeholders.

Investigating and designing: Develop capacity to communicate intent and design a prototype to meet a Design Brief. Integrate graphics, game engine software and programming to produce applications with increasingly complex functionality. Understand stakeholder requirements in order to refine and redevelop products. Develop understandings of ethical, legal, social, economic, environmental and sustainability factors in game and app design.


Project Skills (50%):
Produce skills tasks that interpret data, demonstrate programming skills and analyse digital technology ethics, as they
relate to students’ project of interest.

Collaborative Project (20%):
Collaboratively produce, demonstrate and evaluate a digital project of interest.

Individual Digital Solution (30%):
Independently identify, deconstruct, and solve a project of interest by creating, demonstrating and evaluating a game or application.