Year 10 English as an Additional Language


ASSUMED BACKGROUND: Eligibility as an EALD student

CURRICULUM CHARGES: Nil (Possible excursion charge of approximatley $20)


In the Year 10 English as an Additional Language course students learn how to listen, explain and evaluate text structures and language features across a range of texts. Students justify their own interpretations of texts; applying skills in analysis and evaluating texts using evidence. Students create a wide range of texts to articulate meaningful ideas. They engage with others to solve problems, justify opinions and develop and expand arguments, while supporting their experiences, values and beliefs. They demonstrate understanding of grammar, vary vocabulary choices for impact, and accurately use spelling and punctuation when creating and editing texts. There is a strong emphasis on the function and expression of language.


Receptive Modes (listening, reading and viewing):
Students explore a range of texts including articles, vlogs, short stories, short films and poetry.

Productive Modes (speaking, writing and creating):
Students compose written and spoken texts in various genres including interviews, speeches, expositions and recounts.