Year 10 History



CURRICULUM CHARGES:  Nil (Possible excursion charge of aproximately $20)

Course content will be a selection of the following:

Youth & The Law
Students explore the legal rights of young people, the criminal age of responsibility and the role of the juvenile justice system. We will review the youth justice system and investigate underlying causes of behaviour.

Crime & Justice
Australia’s criminal justice system is built on principles of fairness. Students will explore the processes of the judicial system and review criminal case studies, making unique judgements on our system of justice. Prevalent Legal Issues Students will investigate legal issues in Australia that are of personal interest. This may involve human rights, politics, international law, cybercrime, environmental law etc.

Australian Legal System & International Comparison
We will explore a variety of legal systems across the globe, investigating limits on democracy, dictatorships and alternative political ideologies. Students will craft a comparison of one country’s political system to Australia’s, forming opinions and evaluations.


Folio of work:
Consisting of at least two assessments which may include a media study, mind map or a timed test.

Issues Study:
Students inquire into a current legal issue. It should be an issue that students can follow over a two-week period.

Students prepare an individual or group presentation. Presentations can take a variety of forms and occur in a variety of situations. A presentation could be for example a slides presentation, mock trial or website.