Year 10 Visual Art & Design

LENGTH OF COURSE: Semester or Full Year



Course content will be a selection of the following:

Art in Context: You will explore artists and their works, make connections between own ideas and artworks and those of artists, reflecting on style, and use this knowledge to inform the development of an individual style.

Visual Art Process: You will plan and design artworks that represent artistic ideas and intentions. You will also practice and develop a range of practical skills.

Practical Resolution: You will learn how artists communicate intentions in artworks they make. You will explain on how the display of your artwork enhances its meaning. You will use this to inform your own practical art and design.



Skills Development:
You will identify one or more skills to explore, and maintain a record of the development and refinement of these skills. You will reflect in the refinement of these skills

Practical Application and Evaluation:
You will produce planned artworks and a self-evaluation of practical learning.

You will follow the design process to address a brief and problem-solve a solution. You will focus on exploring concepts and analyse artists and their works.