Year 11 (Stage 2) Activating Identities and Futures


LENGTH OF COURSE: One semester


CURRICULUM CHARGES: Nil (may depend on an individual’s choice of Learning Goal)

Activating Identities and Futures aims to foster independent learning and the skills of lifelong learning in students. The belief that students have the ability and the will to positively influence their own lives and the world around them, is integral to the course. This subject supports students to be more proactive and reflective in their learning and to develop and use a broad set of transferable learning strategies.

Activating Identities and Futures requires students to take greater ownership and agency over their learning as they select, test and explore relevant strategies and perspectives in the pursuit of a Learning Goal of their choice. They seek feedback on their learning processes, become metacognitive about their thinking and make informed decisions to enhance their learning. Activating Identities and Futures is a compulsory 10-credit subject that students need to complete with a ‘C–’ grade or better to complete their SACE.

Refer to SACE Online for up to date information.



Portfolio (30%):
Students explore ideas related to a Learning Goal of personal interest. The content of each student’s Portfolio will be as diverse as the student’s choice of Learning Goal (no restrictions)

Progress Checks (40%):
Students discuss the progress of their learning in relation to their intended Learning Goal. (1500 words or 10 minutes multimodal)

Appraisal (30%):
Externally assessed, students evidence their Output of Learning that showcases the progress to or attainment of their Learning Goal, appraising the value and purpose of the learning for themselves (1000 words or 6 minutes multimodal)