Year 7 Music Specialisation

LENGTH OF COURSE: One Semester Compulsory (Option 2 of 3)



Course content will be a selection of the following:

Explore and Express Ideas:
• Experiment with texture and timbre in sound sources using aural skills
• Develop musical ideas by improvising, combining and manipulating the elements of music.
• Structure compositions by combining and manipulating the elements of music using notation

Rehearse and Perform:
• Practise, rehearse and perform a range of music, including Australian music to develop technical and expressive skills

Respond and Interpret
• Analyse composers’ use of the elements of music and stylistic features when listening to and interpreting music
• Identify and connect specific features and purposes of music from various eras to explore different viewpoints and enrich
their music making


Knowledge and Understanding:
Students develop their music theory skills using Musition and participate in small music composition activities in class.
Research task and musical analysis of their favourite artist and a live performance

Music Performance & Composition:
Students work in class ensembles and individually developing basic skills on their Instrument of choice
Rehearsal observation and final performances at the end of each term
Music composition using Mixcraft (Music Technology)