Year 8 HASS

LENGTH OF COURSE: Full Year Compulsory



Course content will be a selection of the following:

Child Studies Skills:

Knowledge and Understanding:
Students study history from the end of the ancient period to the beginning of the modern period, c.650– 1750 AD (CE). This was when major civilisations (Medieval Europe, Khmer Empire, Vikings, Mongol Empire and Japanese Shoguns etc.) around the world encountered each other. For Geography, students explain geographical processes that influence the characteristics of places and clarify how places are perceived and valued differently. Students then compare alternative strategies within a geographical challenge, taking into account environmental, economic and social factors. Focus topics come from ‘Landforms and Landscapes’’ as well as ‘Changing Nations’.

Inquiry and Skills:
Students find and select primary and secondary sources and use these as evidence to answer an inquiry question. Students identify and explain different points of view in sources and take into account their origin and purpose, as well as fact versus opinion. Students also identify geographically significant questions and evaluate a range of sources to locate information and data and draw reasoned conclusions. Students present findings in a range of appropriate communication forms.


Students develop a question/challenge to frame an investigation and then analyse, select and organise information/data to present findings or propose an action.

Skills Folio:
This may include a timeline, field excursion, timed test, mapping task, descriptive journal, artefact statement, source analysis, explanation or a data interpretation task.