Year 9 Horrible Histories


ASSUMED BACKGROUND: Nil…but a love of history and comedy would help!

CURRICULUM CHARGES: Nil (Possible excursion charge of approximately $20)

Course content will be a selection of the following:

Historical events and people:
Students will use their creativity and humour as well as random and gruesome facts, they will look at the Terrifying Tutors, Rotten Romans, Incredible Incas or the Awesome Egyptians

Hands-on activities:
Playing with old stuff like an archaeologist and delving into virtual worlds that are too far for us to go and visit in person

What is evidence?
Are primary sources better than secondary sources? Is all evidence created equally? Are all versions of the past biased, valid, reliable and useful?


Investigation: Self-directed exploration (with some hints) of historical events using planning tools, primary (touchable) & secondary history sources, old data, equally old maps, not so old digital sources like virtual museums, Google Earth etc.

Folio of evidence: A Folio might include a timeline of your Horrible Histories era with gruesome explanations or an excursion report or a timed quiz – see if you can beat your neighbour’s score! No one knows until all is revealed. It may be a task that involves guessing the archaeological object – when was it made, what is it, what is it made of, who made it?